IRC: Internet Relay Chat with EFnet

The first step to using IRC is to install IRC client software. EFnet's Help Site is a great place to get software, instructions, and on-line help: mIRC is a very popular IRC client. Also, Tucows has a variety of software for Windows and Macintosh that you can download.

Once you've got the software installed, pick a nickname and connect to an IRC server. It doesn't really matter which server you choose: just make sure it's EFnet (that's where the most action is). Once connected, join a channel. There are currently 3 channel for Primus:

This channel has now gone private, so screw it.
Discusion channel for real fans. This channel has two bots: GoldenBoy and Sausage
Discussion about this page. It has a bot named MrKrinkle

Once you're in a channel, you'll see the other people in the room. A '@' means that person is a channel operator, and controls who's on the channel, etc. Bots are 24-hour programs that keep the channel from being taken over by some who isn't using the channel properly.


Use these commands to join and leave channels:

/JOIN <channel> - Join a channel.
Example: /join #primussucks
/LEAVE <channel> - Leave a channel.
Example: /leave #primussucks


Once you're in a channel, here are some basic commands:

/ME <message> - Tells current channel what you are doing.
Example: /me Eats a Fart Sandwhich
/NICK <newnickname> - Changes Your Nickname.
Example: /nick ButtFace
/MSG <nickname> <message> - Sends a quick private message to someone.
Example: /msg JohnTFish You Like Brown Album?
/QUERY <nickname> [message] - Starts a private converstation with someone.
Example: /query JohnTFish Watcha doing?
/INVITE <nickname> <channel> - Invite someone to a channel.
Example: /invite SugarBaby #primussucks
/WHOIS <nickname> - Show information about someone.
Example: /whois JohnTFish
/AWAY [message] - Tell people why you're away.
Example: /away Gotta Pee, Man!
/QUIT [message] - Quit IRC.
Example: /quit Adios, Amigos!


If you have a @ next to your name, you are the channel operator and can use these commands as well:

/TOPIC <channel> <new topic> - Give channel new topic.
Example: /topic #primussucks Have You Ever Heard That Primus Sucks?
/KICK <nickname> - Kick someone off the channel.
Example: /kick DickHead